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Many children and young Syrians were physically harmed by the very violent war in Syria, and suffered permanent disability which led to a growing sense of inferiority and lack of involvement, and interaction with others.

Nojoom Al Ghad (Stars of the Future) Sports Academy, one of the Syrian Forum’s programs, has launched a sports program that would improve the skills of people with disabilities and those affected by the war in Syria, trainers and trainees, through individual sports like table tennis (ping pong), and team sports like basketball.

These sport activities will help people with disabilities improve their health and mental well-being, reduce anxiety and depression, increase their self-esteem and gain new experiences and new friendships.
Nojoom Al Ghad Academy is a youth sports program that seeks to serve young Syrian athletes in Turkey. It was established in 2014 to provide the Syrian refugee youth with constructive activities, to engage and build strong relationships with each other, and to foster healthy integration within the Turkish society.
The first phase of this program has been completed successfully by having 6 players join and training them 3 hours a week on a regular basis. Lots of people with disabilities are hoping to be part of this activity in the second phase of this program.
The Academy is planning to reach 20 players by the end of 2016, which will cost $27,000 to provide special care, transportation, wheelchairs and coaches’ salaries.
Don’t miss the chance of being part of fulfilling their hope.